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Hindu Marriage law is biased in Sindh

Hindu Marriage act is fully biased against men approved by Sindh Assembly, man and woman have equal right to separate from the spouse but financial burden on man alone. With no excuse, on separation, just man will be responsible for the expensive of common children of her ex-wife.

Not only this, also, law punish man, to bear the expenses of his wife whereas she is equal in all other aspects and rights covered in the law. Despite this, same day Bilawal Bhutto Zardari proudly claimed that PPP govt. issued loans exclusively for women only. But, no financial responsibility given, rather, financial responsibility on men only, exclusively. The constitution of Pakistan gives equal rights to man and woman and claims that no discrimination on the basis of gender. This reveals that when it comes to hard work, burden and responsibility, men are held responsible.

Moreover, wife can remarry after the death of her husband whereas husband can't marry another woman without permission of her wife which is purely against the practices of Hinduism. Politicians are claiming that only public can disqualify by their vote instead of judiciary but lawmaker politicians intervene the personal and religious life the public.

This is seen that laws are being made to harass men only. This reminds the law made by Punjab Assembly to allow to evict man from his own house by law, whereas evict woman in very few cases was being condemned.

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