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  • Karachi Police kills boy

    Another young man murdered by Police shooting in Karachi South division and another injured in a result of straight fires on the victims. Victims, Nabeel and his friend Raza, were coming back after taking dinner. Sub Inspector Abdul Ghaffar, head constable Aftab and constable Muhammad Ali Shah arrested but police department allegedly favoring as observed by victims' lawyer Sheikh Javed Mir....

  • What we see and What we don’t in success

    What we see in successful people and what we don’t see the struggle, sacrifice, passion,focus,effort,training,failure,hard work, blood, sweat, tears, pain, injury, patience, courage, planning, feedback, discipline, [...]

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  • Reham Khan wins leagal action against Dunya News

    The High Court, World Court of Justice, London, declares Dunya News accused of damaging Reham Khan for their claim that Shehbaz Sharif paid her to write the book.

  • Sacrifice of a father for family

    This picture clearly reveals that how a father sacrifice his life and for his family particularly for children.

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  • How women are problem

    Here a mathematician prove that women are problem. Algebra solution is presented here, may be trigonometry, matrices and differential equations may be given in future posts.

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  • Understaning ISBN

    Understand International Standard Book Number format. There are two formats, ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 formats. The ISBN-13 has three extra number to ISBN-10 representing representing EAN. The first digit from right is [...]

  • Destroy any nation without weapons

    At the entrance gate of a university in South Africa the following message was posted for contemplation:

    "Destroying any nation does not require the use of atomic bombs or the use of long range missiles... it only requies lowering the quality of education and allowing cheating in the examitions by the students..."...

  • Media independence in Pakistan

    This is how electronic media and access to the information being restricted in PTI Govt. regime.

  • How to become President of USA

    How to become president of the United States of America. Why do US presidential elections last so long

    Watch the video:

    info graphic reference:https://s3.amazonaws.com/app_usa_prod_eqffnyamdzrb/pdf6099 [...]

  • big data analytics in a minute

    Big data definition tells that data is huge. This infographic reveals that a minute on internet makes the data even bigger. These statistics are about giants of the internet applications only. This is why big data [...]

  • Abu Dhabi T10 League 2019

    The complete squads and teams of T10 League at Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium from 14th to 24th November 2019.

  • Bari Masjid demolation history

    Bari Masjid case is the 2nd largest running case in Indian History

    In 1975, Shah Bano's husband expelled her on 6-Nov-1978. Later, Shah Bano divorced by his husband. Shah Bano claimed in the court of monthly payment by his ex-husband. In 1985, she Indian Supreme Court gave decision favoring the woman despite the fact that this decision was against the religious teachings as after divorce there is no relation and responsibility after divorce between ex-husband and the ex-wife....