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  • Tie a new Tie Design

    How to tie a tie with new design with multiple knots and attractive curves.

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  • PAF F-16 crash video in Islamabad

    PAF (Paksitan Air Force) F-16 fighter jet crash moments captured by a local civilian in Islamabad. PAF Wing Commander Nauman Akram martyrdom in the tragedy. The plane was on the rehearsal of 23-March parade.

  • AD BC CE BCE Calendar

    In Latin, Anno Domini i.e. "in the year of the lord" in English. The year 1 start after the Prophet Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him).

    The years are counted "before Christ" i.e. The appearance or birth of the Prophet Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him)...

  • American pakistani woman speech on women rights

    Pakistani origin American woman speech about women rights and problems. Must listen

    Courtesy: Public News

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  • Mahria Khan: Receives Replies on Aurat March

    Mahria Khan at Aurat March receives replies from Twitter users demanding:
    A twitter user tweeted asking her first to:
    Pee on the road like men
    As men are tortured every where, a user wrote:
    Get lashes by police in their protest as done with men...

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  • BlackBerry journey of 15 years

    On this day, 7th March, in 1984: Research In Motion (RIM) was founded. RIM took them 15 years to launch the first BlackBerry.

  • Fruit Calories chart

    Average calories in fruits:
    Grapefruit:36 kcal,
    Orange:47 kcal,
    Pineapple:55 kcal,
    Coconut 352 kcal,
    Apple:48 kcal,
    Avocado:197 kcal,
    Kiwi:56 kcal,
    Pear:54 kcal,
    Peach:43 kcal,
    Blackberry 44 kcal,
    Strawberry:41 kcal,...

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  • Queen at home or stray Bitch

    A Pakistani woman protesting against Aurat March (women march) particularly their agenda and vulgar slogans in current season and previous year's vulgar play cards. This woman holding the play card written "I would [...]

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  • Men vs Women: rights vs responsibilities

    Women (mother) are given priority to get the child custody after divorce/separation whereas man (father) have to pay the expenses, do you think of this as a justice?

    In Pakistan, a daughter even she is divorced, have full privilege of parents pension and other benefits but the son have that until the age of 18 only no matter the son is how poor and hand to mouth. No feminist or misandry talk about equal right for men in this regard....

  • Coronavirus:کرونا وائرس کا شرطیہ علاج بابا اسد بنگالی

    کرونا وائرس کا شرطیہ علاج بابا اسد بنگالی

    A wall chalking by a Bengali black magician claiming guarantee for the treatment & cure of Coronavirus.

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  • Coronavirus mask: myth and reality

    N95 respirator mask can be useful from Coronavirus infection.

    Mask are to protect other people by the Coronavirus infected patient. So Coronavirus infected patient should wear mask. Mostly seen mask are actually surgical mask for one time use and used within operation theaters. These mask do not protect from the particles and in fact the virus is much smaller than small particles....

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  • Coronavirus: Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) prevention, symptoms, risk factors and transition of the pandemic are described in this infographic.


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