How to Stop a Child and Adult Choking (CPR)

This short guidance/tips may lead to save life of someone.

Child Chocking CPR:

What to look for?

If the baby is unable to:




What you should do?

Using two fingers

In line with arm pit

Up to five chest thrusts

1/3 of the depth

If the baby goes to unconscious any time you have to do CPR.

If the baby chocking, remember:

Check the mouth

Slap it out

Squeeze it out

Child or Adult chocking CPR:

What to do?

Try to make it cough

Give up to five back blows

Between the shoulders blades

Locate the belly button

The end of the breast bone

Place clenched fist between two fingers

Up to five abdominal thrusts

If unsuccessful then repeat three times


If child or adult is chocking...

Make him cough it out

Slap it out

Squeeze it out

After the tragic death of a two-year-old boy who choked on a grape in Pizza Hut, guidance has been re-issued on how to act when a child has something stuck in their throat.

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