Sheikh Rasheed Praising Nawaz Sharif and Commitment to be Loyal in late 1990s

Sheikh Rasheed praises Nawaz Sharif and makes his commitment to be loyal with Nawaz Sharif, in late 1990s.

Urdu: ... mein aap ko yaqeen dilata hoon, Allah nay agar agar himmat di, agar Allah nay taufeeq di, har buray aur arhay aur karahy waqt mein, dhoop, saaey aur barish taufaan aandhi mein aap kay saath kharhay hongay.

Translation: ... I assure you, if Allah grants the courage, if Allah give the strength, in every tough, bad, under sun, in shadow, in rains, storm, windstorm, we will stand with you".

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