Stupid and Unbelievable Laws in the World

Stupid and Unbelievable Laws in the World legislation,spouse,strange,amazing,parliament,infographic

Some laws that sound silly and ridiculously funny. These laws may be punishable on violation. Its better to be aware of them even if you find them silly, because you never know how you end up behind bars in a new place.

This infographic reveals some of bizarre laws in different around the globe:

Husband pays dowry but cannot hit his wife but this is not vice-versa i.e. there is no conviction in the law if wife hit her husband.

Bear wrestling is punishable by law in Oklahoma.

A previous law in Texas stated that a PC repair technician needed to obtain a private investigator's license.

Blogger should have $300 license in Philadelphia.

In Lake Elmo, you are not supposed to sell pumpkins or Christmas trees which are grown outside the city.

Individuals under 18 are not allowed to use laptops while driving.

In Greece, playing games as pass time is out of question as they are completely banned.

This is Illegal to die in the House of Parliament.

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