Punjab Biased against Men - Human Rights in Pakistan

Punjab Biased against Men - Human Rights in Pakistan extremism,Punjab,parliament,bias,protection,family,female,human rights

Men are left at the mercy of women! The law named Women's Protection Act, if there is a matter of protection, why not for both genders? i.e. men and women but it's just for women's monopoly.

In this law men are mistreated the same way as it was condemned in the case of women. For long time, evacuating a woman from home have been condemned and in this law men are to be expelled from his own home.

Thousands year ago deprecated laws in the region like vani, karo-kari etc. made to avoid murders and unsocial relationships but didn't happened as planned rather resulted increase of victims and introduced new crimes and social injustice..

These points are enough to prove this law the most biased and controversial in the history of Pakistan.

It's implications are to the extent that if a man stops woman from coming late, drug consumption or even prostitution, he should get ready to be flushed to the street. As per the law, conflicts with the constitution, women can exploit men socially, economically, emotionally even sexually but on the contrary men's social and self-respect is on a phone call away resulting outsiders enter the home without permission, the bloodshed of privacy and independence. In short constitution ruined under the feet of Punjab Assembly's member, majority of those who are not elected by people but on favoritism i.e. fixed seats for women.

Women who are devoted to women's monopolistic society in the country are actually rejected by the public but reached the parliament on donated rather begged seats and have equal voice as of an democratically elected member of parliament in the same assemble who scored millions of people's trust. This reflects the failure of democracy failure and off course this deserve to be failure when undemocratic means are imposed over democratic values. Now start living in Women's Republic of Pakistan.

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