How to Recover deleted files

Recovering permanently deleted files, photos, videos or documents from your memory card, PC, Mac or tab etc. is possible. First of all immediately stop using that storage device like hard disk or SD/memory card etc. Do not add new files until your deleted files restored.

There are several tools to recover deleted photos, videos, documents and other file types. Following is the free tool to (paid versions also available) to undelete files:


Recuva is reliable free tool and fast enough to recover your files. There is no 100% guarantee by any tool that your files will be recovered as they may be overwritten that's why your advised to stop using the storage immediately until files are recovered.

There are also some fraud or time wasting tools who takes your long time even sometime hours (depending upon the storage) and at last say to pay to recover the files. Recoverit is one of those paid tools and shouldn't rely.

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