Bari Masjid demolation history

Bari Masjid case is the 2nd largest running case in Indian History

In 1975, Shah Bano's husband expelled her on 6-Nov-1978. Later, Shah Bano divorced by his husband. Shah Bano claimed in the court of monthly payment by his ex-husband. In 1985, she Indian Supreme Court gave decision favoring the woman despite the fact that this decision was against the religious teachings as after divorce there is no relation and responsibility after divorce between ex-husband and the ex-wife.

The Demolish of the Babri Mosque was initiated due to the non-Islamic claim of ex-wife against her ex-husband after divorce filing case in the court. She claimed to have regular income from his ex-husband after divorce other than "mehar" (the dowry Muslim groom gives to the bride).

The Supreme court did not take care of the Muslim religious scholars, asked ex-husband to pay regularly to ex-wife. This was making the marriage more difficult in future after this non-Islamic, unethical and unjustified decision.

This decision by Supreme Court lead the Congress govt. to heal the damage and passed the legislation to undo such stupid extortion to ex-husband by ex-wife.

After healing the Muslims' wound, the Hindu were the political compulsion of Congress govt. as well. To retain the Hindu voter congress legally allowed Babri Mosque to be opened and allow Hindus to worship in its premises. This raised the dispute again and the end was the demolishing of Babri Mosque.

The greed of that woman to extort money from his ex-husband who is no more in any relationship with her led to the bloodshed and the genocide of Muslims.

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