Coronavirus lockdown:must read if bore at home

Dr. Francesca Cortellaro:

Do you know what the most dramatic feeling is? Watching patients die alone, listening to them begging you to greet children and grand kids. COVID-19 patients walk in alone, no relative there can assist and when they are about to leave they can tell. They are shiny, they don't go into narcolepsy. It's like they are drowning, but with plenty of time to figure it out. Last one was tonight. She was a granny, wanted to see her granddaughter. I Pulled out my phone and called it on video. They said goodbye. Shortly after she left. I have a long list of video calls by now. I call it a farewell list. I hope they give us mini iPads, it would take three or four, not to let them die alone.

No if you can, still complain that you are bored staying in the house.

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