Virus in Cell Phone: Top 3 Signs of malware exist in your Mobile

Viruses or other malware more frequent on mobile phones or tablets than on laptop or desktop computers. There are three prominent signs or behavior that there are viruses or other malware is running on your phone or tablet.

Battery gets low than usual

If your mobile phone's battery life is bad then this accused may be virus or other malicious apps that remain running behind and obviously consuming too much of power. If you noticed that suddenly your your battery gets low and need frequent recharges then you may need some scan.

Data usage more than usual

If your phone using too much data even than usual then this culprit may be virus or other malware. No matter you are using through WiFi or subscribed for unlimited data bandwidth, check regularly how much data is used on WiFi or Sim Data or both.

Slow Internet Speed

Malicious apps use a lot of internet bandwidth to operate. If your connection speeds suddenly crash to nothing, that can be a clear sign.

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