Difference between Visa and Iqama

Visa and Iqama both are practiced in the world with some difference. Visa is required to entrance or immigration purpose in a country. Iqama is the stay permit for any reason. Visa is issued by each country whereas Iqama by middle east or Arab countries. Where Iqama is not applicable, visa is considered to be the Iqama or stay permit.


Visa an international practice which is the permission to enter the country for immigration.

Visa Types

Transit Visa

Transit visa consists of shortest term during travel and if have to stay at some other country to change the flight or to stay at hotel if flight is delayed.

Tourist Visa

For tourism, tourists are given visa but not allowed to work. This visa may also consist of some places or cities of the country.

Business Visa

For business tours or delegation this visa is issued.

Residence Visa

To live as a resident but the citizen of a country. This visa may be upto 10 years or may be exceed. Usually given to those who acquire property in the country. UAE also allows this visa.

Visa options

Multiple Visa option

Multiple visa allows to the visa holder to enter the country multiple times on a single visa issued. This visa have usually higher fee and beneficial for business tours to avoid the wait for new visa.


Iqama is the practice in the Arab World in the Middle East where the visa is limited to the immigration only and Iqama is the residence permit for any reason

Iqama Types

Iqama is even required to perform Hajj because the Hajji (pilgrim) have to stay and adopt residence.

Iqama for work

This is same as the work permit in United States, Canda, Europe and rest of the world.

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