What to do and what not to in Earthquake - Life Safety Tips

What to do and what not to in Earthquake - Life Safety Tips earthquake,safety,protection,natural,disaster,tips,infographic

Whatever is the reason behind natural disaster one fact is well known yet that there is no way to stop them but we safe life on first priority. Earthquake is supposed to be the disaster which ruins things in a matter of seconds and doesn't give time to escape or think to safe as compare to other disasters like floods etc.

An earthquake is one of the deadliest forms of natural disasters and has resulted in large number of causalities.

To make attempts to remain safer from earthquake there are two theories to survive an earthquake: the triangle of life theory and the drop and cover theory.

The triangle of life theory says that if you are in a multistory building during an earthquake then you should lie down in a fetal position next to a bed, sofa or any other bulky object whereas the drop and cover theory says that you must drop and cover yourself indoors.

This infographic guides to some safety tips we can adopt and let others know to safe precious lives.

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